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QoR Permanent Scarlet Returns

In October 2020, we were forced to discontinue QoR Permanent Scarlet (7000230) because the pigment was no longer available. Thankfully, in the months since, we were able to secure a new supply of this pigment (PR168), and completed testing for stability and lightfastness. We can now happily share that this color is once again available to order.

QoR Masking Fluid Resumes Shipping

As you may recall, QoR Masking Fluid is made from natural latex and as a result, is not a freeze-thaw stable product. This means that GOLDEN does not ship this product during the colder months of the year. With spring now upon us, QoR Masking Fluid (7000600) is shipping again.

What Happened to My Favorite Color?

Ulysses Jackson, our Formulator and Supervisor of Research and Development, recently hosted a livestream event about pigments, answering all your questions about why we occasionally discontinue a color. Click the video below to watch that event on YouTube. 

What Happened to My Favorite Color?

GOLDEN Creates Texture While Using SoFlat

How do you create texture with our leveling SoFlat Matte Acrylics? With pastes and gels! Join Stacy Rosende from GOLDEN’s Education team for a live demo to see different ways you can achieve texture when painting with SoFlat.

Textures with SoFlat (Matte Acrylic Colors):

GOLDEN Announces Price Change

As a direct result of continued raw material and transportation costs, Golden Artist Colors has implemented a price increase for all GOLDEN and Williamsburg items, effective July 26, 2021. GOLDEN products will increase an average of 7%, Williamsburg Oils 5%, while QoR Watercolor pricing will be maintained with no change.

We’ve waited as long as we could to respond to the supply chain impacts, and absorbed as much of the costs as possible, but unfortunately cannot manage the full burden of these changes. Key raw materials such as Acrylic, Linseed Oil, and Pigments have experienced significant and sustained price increases.

Thank you for your understanding of the current landscape of our industry. Should you have any questions, please contact your GOLDEN Sales Representative or our Customer Service team.

Sam & Adele Golden Foundation Artist Residence Reopens!

This past month, The Sam and Adele Golden Foundation for the Arts welcomed its first group of artist residents since the pandemic hit in March of 2020. The buzz in the studio is back and it feels better than ever to be working with artists again!

The 3 artists who joined us over the past 4 weeks were Abby Goldstein, Brooklyn, NY; Claire Stankus, Amherst, VA; and Renluka Maharaj, Boulder, CO. The artists took advantage of workshops with the Golden Artist Colors Material and Application Specialists, working with GOLDEN’s Custom Lab, touring the paint factory, meeting their paint makers and of course, the materials room, filled with acrylics, oils and watercolors to play and experiment with.

This year will look a bit different in some ways, but the ability to dive deep into materials stays the same. We won’t be opening our doors to the public for an Open Studios, but we received a grant from one of our local arts organizations to allow us to capture interviews with each of the 15 artists this year and to share with our online audiences. We hope you’ll take a look!

Also, the 2022 season’s application will be available on our website, this summer, so stay tuned for that! The application deadline is September 13, 2021 at 5pm EST. If you are working in paint and love to explore and learn more about your materials, we hope you’ll apply!

To see a full list of our 2021 residents, please visit:

To apply, please visit:

GOLDEN: Textiles and Wearables with GAC 900

We explore the effect of GAC 900, a heat settable fabric painting medium, on a variety of fabrics and applications in this recording of a livestream from May 26, 2021. Stacy shares examples of fabric with and without GAC 900, including canvas and muslin.

Textiles and Wearables with GAC 900

Williamsburg: Mixing colors with the Selected French Earth Set

In this video, Greg mixes a selection of colors from our Selected French Earth Set with a pair of blues from outside the set.

Cerulean Blue French (PB36) with French Rouge Indien (PR102) and French Terre Verte (PG23)

Sevres Blue (PW6, PB 15:3) with French Ardoise Grey (PBlk19), French Burnt Umber (PBr7), and French Yellow Ochre Deep (PY43).

Mixing colors with the Selected French Earth Set

QoR: Color Matching for Plein Air Landscapes

Watch as Stacy Rosende uses QoR to mix colors to match user-submitted landscape photos.

Color Matching for plein air landscapes

Join Golden Artist Colors on Social Media! 

July is World Watercolor Month and on our QoR Watercolor social media channels we’ll have new posts each day inspired by the daily prompt. Stop by often, be on the lookout for giveaways, and show us what you’re painting by tagging your posts with #ShareWithGOLDEN and #WorldWatercolorMonth. 

This month on GOLDEN we continue discussing Gels & Pastes and how they can expand creative possibilities in your artist practice. On Williamsburg, we’re feeling inspired by nature and will match our handmade oils to summer botanicals. 

You can view our complete video schedule for July and download a shareable PDF by clicking here.

To watch videos and events, just visit the appropriate channel on the dates/times below. We hope you’ll join us! Happy painting! 

Golden Artist ColorsWilliamsburg Handmade Oil Colors, and QoR Watercolors

@goldenpaints@williamsburgoilpaints, and @qorwatercolors


To watch videos and events, just visit the appropriate channel on the dates/times below. We hope you’ll join us! Happy painting! 

If you have any questions about any of the above information, contact your MacPherson’s Sales Representative.

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