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New Snazaroo Face Paint Tutorials for All Ages

Take Halloween online with new face painting tutorials from Snazaroo. Even though in-person events may be limited, inspire your customers with tutorials and encourage them to share their looks online. 

Young adults can put together intricate, stunning looks with just a few colors. Get wild as a snow leopard or spooky yet fun with a colorful skull look.

Find more inspiration for young adults on Colart’s the Bank using the tags #YOUNG ADULT INFLUENCERS and #YOUNG ADULT. Be sure to check out the videos tab for more intricate designs such as Pennywise and the Corpse Bride.

Looking for something a little simpler for the little ones? Create a frightening Frankenstein in three easy steps with bolts, blood and scars transforming and terrifying anyone you see, whether in person or online.


Sponge dark green all over the face. Add black paint to the eyebrow area by dabbing with the sponge.


Using a brush and white paint, create the bolts to the sides of each eye. Add the scars and stitches to the cheeks, forehead and sides of the mouth.


With a brush and bright red, go over the scars. Do the same with black paint to the sides of the mouth. Add a spiky black hair fringe to the forehead.

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