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New Jacquard Store Locator

Jacquard Products is launching a brand-new website in January 2019, and one of the many new and improved components is an updated, state-of-the-art Store Locator. Jacquard has invested in this important tool to help drive business to your stores and websites, so we encourage you to take advantage of it!

The Jacquard website gets over 1,400 visitors each day, and many of those visitors are looking to make a purchase. Jacquard does not sell directly from their website; however, “Where to buy” buttons are now included on each product page that direct visitors to local retailers. That is why it is CRUCIAL to update your listings on the new Store Locator platform and to keep it up-to-date on an ongoing basis. Adding your store to the Store Locator and keeping the list of Jacquard items you stock up-to-date and accurate will ensure that artists visiting Jacquard’s new website will be sent directly to your store.

Don’t miss out on capturing those sales—This is a great (and free) tool for driving customers to your business!

Here is a link to the temporary page preview of the Store Locator (live, but not public yet).

New Store Locator Features

  • Searchable by products and/or category
  • Real-time GPS mapping
  • Upload images of your store
  • Streamlined platform for US & International store location searches
  • Search within a 500-mile radius
  • Supports internet-only locations as well as physical store addresses

Create a Store Locator Account NOW!

To ensure you are included in the Store Locator for Jacquard’s new website launch, please create an account and enter your business’ information as soon as possible! The sooner you get your listing up, the sooner we will be able to drive business to your stores.

Click here for easy login instructions.

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