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New! All You Need To Know: Montana Glass, Glitter, Marble & Displays

Discover two new Montana line extensions and a new product line! Make sure your staff are up-to-date on trends and ready to pass on best practices to your customers. Montana also offers excellent resources for each of these products: share videos, projects and tips with your creative community. Read on for an overview of new GLITTER colors, the new Marble Effect color (Gold) and the amazing Montana GLASS Effect.


Montana GLASS PAINT invites creatives to add color to glass while allowing the beautiful transparency of light to shine through! GLASS PAINT is Nitro-Acrylic-Combi based paint that is delivered under low pressure in a 250ml sized can. The nine available colors dry to a semi-transparent, frosted matte finish. The more coats applied, the less light can pass through the surface. This promo for Fall Back-To-School runs 6/1 to 9/27/2020 at 52.5% off. Make sure to check out the display rack and signage to best showcase this new line!

Best Practices & User Tips

  • Shake well for 3 minutes before use! 
  • This fast drying paint is dust dry in 3-5 minutes, touch dry in approx.1 hour and completely cured and hardened in 24 hours.
  • Drying times may vary subject to ambient temperatures, humidity and thickness of coating: make sure your customers know this!
  • Combination creation for the win: Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml can be used in conjunction with other synthetic or acrylic paints once dried completely.  
  • Montana GLASS PAINT colors are as light fast and UV resistant as possible for a transparent paint that actively allows light to pass through it. Montana GLASS PAINT 250ml colors contain premium grade European pigments and have UV blockers in their clear coat mixture
  • Proper preparation is key: with the necessary forethought, Montana GLASS PAINTS are durable, scratch proof and hardwearing, subject to their adhesion to the glass surface!

Heart of Glass: Trend Watch

According to Etsy’s Trend Expert and judge on NBC’s Making It, Dayna Johnson, DIY Stained and painted glass is projected to be one of the top emerging trends for 2020. Etsy has seen a 127% increase in search for stained glass and glass painting supplies as well as completed projects, home decor and gifts. The most prevalent applications are home decor—specifically glass doors, windows and hanging objects. Glass painting also speaks to the sustainable/ eco-friendly trend of 2020—where repurposing vintage bottles, old windows or even jewelry can bring once old items back to life again.

Shareable Content & Important Resources

Share this video with your customers, check out All Spray Painted for trendy projects and beautiful imagery, and check  Montana’s website for even more product information.

New Montana GLITTER Colors

Your customers will love these new GLITTER colors from Montana: Dusty Gold, X-Mas Red, Amethyst and Cosmos! This medium pressure, Nitro-Combi based paint range has now been extended to a total of five metallic colors composed from premium colored metallic pigment particles. It has a gloss finish which is delivered in a translucent paint base. The range achieves stunning effects on objects and artworks of all kinds whether you want to repaint your bike, create fine art or make greeting cards. Montana GLITTER can be applied on many different surfaces such as paper, cardboard, primed canvas, wood, glass, metal, ceramics, porcelain, stone, acrylic and other paintable materials. After being applied, a thin shiny lacquer coat with a fine distribution of glitter particles will appear. Montana GLITTER 400ml is light fast as well as scratch and dent-resistant. These colors are part of a Fall Back To School Promotion running from 5/1 to 9/10/2020 at 52.5% off!

Tune into the Trend: All That Glitters is Good

Glitter has been growing in popularity over the past few years, and creatives of all kinds will love these new Montana GLITTER colors! The glitter trend began with paper crafting, basic crafts and DIY. Shimmer and glam grew in popularity, finding a home in interior design and decor. Glitter is more present than ever in our lives in cosmetics and fashion.

Best Practices

Ensure a successful experience for your customers. Make sure your staff know the ins and outs of how to properly use Montana products:

  • Shake well before use; even after short pauses in application
  • The color and gloss of the undercoat makes a big impact on the final result
  • Multiple coats will lead to a higher density of particles and intensify the effect
  • For extra durability and to enhance the effect of the color, users can finish their project with the Montana VARNISH Gloss
  • A translucent paint base like Montana GLITTER can easily be covered with many common lacquer types! Suggest combining with Montana GOLD, Montana ACRYLIC markers and conventional acrylic paints

Shareable Content & Resources

Montana’s DIY blog, All Spray Painted, is a great resource for projects, best practices and virtual demos. Make sure your store is following them on Instagram to see the latest posts! You can also check out Montana’s website for technical specs and more product information.

Montana MARBLE Effect, Gold

In stock now! This high-covering spray paint offers a deceivingly realistic marble effect that people love. It can be used on many different surfaces such as paper, cardboard, primed canvas, wood, glass, metal, ceramics, porcelain, stone, acrylic and other paintable materials. The marble effect is formed by very fine colored paint strands on the surface area of the object after applying. The sprayed area is not entirely covered and will stay partially visible. It can be top-coated with many common lacquer types once thoroughly dry. MARBLE Effect can be combined with Montana GOLD, Montana ACRYLIC markers and customary acrylic paints. The MARBLE Effect cans come standard with a nozzle that can be adjusted to create spray output lines in vertical, horizontal or other variations. Once top coated, this paint is durable and won’t chip. Launch promo for Fall Back-To-School  runs 6/1 to 9/27/2020 at 52.5% off!

The Marble Trend

Marbled surfaces continue to be on trend in art, crafts and home decor. Neutrals and Natural elements are on trend and with that comes the organic look and feel of marble and marble patterns. Also with the continuous surge of DIY, many makers are after expensive looks for less: instead of buying high end materials for a project, they are tapping into DIY to create the entire look!

Shareable Resources

Share videos with your customers, share this project highlighting the power of Montana colors for embellishment, check out Montana’s website for technical specs and more product information.

Three Acrylic Marker Displays

Last but not least, check out these new, dynamic Montana Acrylic Marker 2mm Action Displays. Promote, introduce or compliment your existing ACRYLIC marker stock. Perfect as a counter point of sale display, ideal for workshops, events and personal studio use.

This promo runs from 6/1 to 9/27/2020 at 55% off. These inspiring cardboard displays, 9.5″ long x 7″ wide x 8.25″ high, are available in three options:

  • Basic Colors, with 48 pre-packed 2mm ACRYLIC markers in the colors Shock Yellow, Shock Red, Shock Pink Light, 100% Cyan, Shock Blue, Shock Green Light, Shock White Pure and Shock Black (6 of each)
  • Metallic Colors, with 48 pre-packed 2mm ACRYLIC markers in the colors Outline Silver (12), Gold Matt (12), Copper Matt (12), Shock White pure (6) and Shock Black (6)
  • Empty Display, with 48 2mm ACRYLIC markers of your choice for general stock or targeted promotion campaigns

For more information about these displays, check the Montana Cans blog and website.

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