A unicorn sculpture mounted on a bicycle with pink, purple and blue paint.

Check Your Calendars: April 9th is National Unicorn Day

Over the past few years, trend spotters on platforms like Buzzfeed and FastCompany acknowledged the unicorn trend as a passing fancy, predicting that the mystical beast’s watery cousin, the mermaid, would eventually nudge the horned creature out of the spotlight. But the unicorn trend only continues to intensify, from limited edition unicorn-themed makeup lines to unicorn cupcake recipes, nail art, wearable flair and stuffed animals—all appealing to a demographic that spans several generations. How can art supply retailers respond to the trend?

Celebrate National Unicorn Day on April 9th Social Media Icon for Instagram

More than a passing fad, unicorns seem to symbolize big ideas (uniqueness, individuality, non-conformity, freedom of expression, boldness). It isn’t just a quirky 15 minutes of fame: the unicorn is here to stay!

So, with National Unicorn Day now on our radar, how can we get creative and inspire our customers to have a little fun with it? Whatever you decide to do, make sure you utilize the pre-made Social Media Kits we put out in advance, coming soon via email!

The Unicorn Trend Is Real

  • Get literal. Feature everything and anything you carry with a unicorn on it!
  • Or go tangential. Maybe you don’t need (or want) a literal unicorn in your window. Consider creating a display that touches on concepts relating to unicorns: magic, mythical creatures, fantasy worlds, enchanted forests, quests, rainbows…reach out to staff and see who would be interested in creating such a fantastic display!
  • Promote all things sparkly. Create an endcap amplifying all things glittery, shimmery, sparkly and bright.
  • Get crafty. Display staff-made examples of unicorn-related kits to inspire customers to try it themselves.

FUN FACT: National Unicorn Day is just a few weeks before Joan Miro’s birthday on April 20th! Account Manager and Ruff Draft Demo creator Cassie Brehmer has created an amazing workshop inspired by Miro that we’ll be sharing shortly. Why not do both during April? 

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