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Celebrate National Ugly Sweater Day on December 20th

For customers who are eager to transform a boring, run of the mill sweater into a heinously fabulous holiday-chic disasterpiece (that disaster plus master plus piece, you’re welcome), you and your staff can be the enablers! Download our ready-made digital kit to support your social media efforts here.

Three Product Groups to Feature

  • Crafty embellishments. Pom poms, sequins, sewing kits and glittery paint are all great ways to “elevate” an everyday layer to reach Ugly Sweater status. 
  • Dyes for different knits. Feature examples of dyed sweaters (do you have mannequins? Staff without a strong sense of propriety? Perfect.)
  • Craft materials. Mini Ugly Sweater Ornaments are adorable, easy to make and invite a fun activity that doesn’t involve scratchy, itchy outer garments. Next to an example of an already made ornament, gather go-to craft materials like construction paper, markers, and pipe cleaners for mini-hangers.

Inclusive Holiday Themes

You’ll notice we chose National Ugly Sweater Day. It’s not Kooky Christmas Sweater Day or a Heinous Chanukah Sweater Day. The goal here is something fun and festive that appeals to everyone. Come on, who doesn’t love sweatah weathah? And if it doesn’t get nippy where you are, sweater vests count, too. Some other seasonal themes you can utilize throughout the store, in your window displays and on social media that are inclusive and not holiday specific:

  • Family. The idea of family gatherings, taking photos, writing thank you notes, playing games, pulling pranks, scrapbooking.
  • Food. Sharing a meal, homemade place settings, hand-lettered recipes, custom labels for pickled or preserved foods.
  • Coziness. A focus on sprucing up decor with a DIY centerpiece, upcycling items with spray paint.
  • Gifts. Bows, wrapping paper, bags, tissue paper, cheap and cheery impulse buys.
  • Weather. If seasons apply: snowflakes, candles, lights, warm drinks, fires.

This season called for extra hygge. How are you caring for yourselves, your staff and your community? From our industry fam to yours, we wish you all the best.

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