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MONTANA X Greetings Tour: See The World, Mural by Mural

Muralist Victor Ving and photographer Lisa Beggs travel full time out of their RV on a Greetings Tour: landmarks through public art. Using the classic large letter postcard style, they work with communities to create colorful murals featuring local landmarks, history and culture. So far they have created over forty murals in twenty states.

“Seeing this country from top to bottom, that’s the dream.” It is not lost on Lisa Beggs and Victor Ving that they happen to live in the United States., a vastly naturally diverse country with so much to explore. 

Many of the postcard mural destinations and the stories behind them have been shared in all their beauty. Often uncovering facts and stories that will be archived into public art history. But what about the two protagonists of this story? How did this dream become a reality? 

In a recent film, Lisa and Victor share their story and share some background as to how it came about:

Check out more snapshots of the project below! All images by Lisa Beggs.

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