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Merchandising the MacPherson’s NAMTA Booth

After reflecting on our NAMTA experience, we wanted to share the rationale behind our booth design, which was inspired by independent retailers in the San Francisco Bay Area. Some of you asked us where we found certain pieces of furniture, snapping pictures with the idea of replicating elements of the booth in your own store. We thought, why not spell it out, complete with a shopping list, as an additional resource?

The goal behind our booth: make something visually intriguing, spatially inviting and easy to set up. We wanted to showcase our exclusive brands and make space for conversations between account managers, brand managers and customers while also demonstrating sleek, innovative merchandising that won’t break the bank.

Here are some key elements we focused on:

  • Modular components. We had a total of eight distinct brands on one table, with different categories of items. Our design had to be highly modular so we could stick with the basic concept (two tables, eight storage totes and four black display risers) while still having the freedom to move things around and test different layouts.
  • Flow and light. People need to be able to move around the space comfortably, and they need to be able to see. Props to our branding team for installing little LEDs under the display racks in a brilliant last-minute move. This would be an excellent way to brighten up your brush aisle, or paint mediums on lower shelves.
  • Consistency. We chose glasses to house all the writing utensils. We were inspired by independent shops and boutiques near our Emeryville office who were displaying items this way. Not only does it unify the look, it keeps the focus on the product.
  • Dual-purpose items. Each brand represented by this booth got a bin; a discreet storage unit that has extra product, literature, bottled water and anything else the folks on the floor might need. The storage units double as seating if someone is spending an inordinate amount of time doodling.
  • Tabletop space. Anywhere you might be able to utilize a surface that can be used to try out supplies: put paper, water, erasers, paper towels, anything your customers need to experience the product first hand.

Shopping List

Want to build your own MacPherson’s inspired booth? Here’s what you need:

  • Easy to set up tables
  • Poppin Box Benches
  • Stylish wooden office supply containers for painting knives, paint brushes or other items
  • Sets of glasses for pencils, pens and markers
  • Wood for tiered displays (see Copic display) or displays that demo product (see MONTANA display). Your local lumber shop or hardware store may also have scraps in the back for free!
  • Black coffee tables are great as risers that allow for visitors to utilize tabletop while offering another layer of products at eye level
  • Extra lighting if needed

And once you’ve set up your space, don’t forget to recycle the remnants! MONTANA Brand Manager Tucker Russell demonstrates.

Were you inspired by something you saw at NAMTA? Do you have an innovative merchandising solution of your own? Share your experiences and creative solutions in the comments or email us at artdogblog (@)

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