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Marabu’s Polychromatic Screenprinting Demo

Polychromatic screenprinting is when you print several colors at the same time in one pass. Artists can get fantastic results with this technique – but it’s especially interesting when you try it with Marabu Aqua Inks. These liquid watercolors are highly pigmented and lightfast with incredible solubility, making them an exciting alternative to regular screenprinting inks. You’ll need to make some printing medium ahead of time with methylcellulose and warm water. Then get your inks, screen and squeegee and go create some beautiful multi-color prints. The full tutorial can be found here at Artists Network. You can also download a free lesson plan from

Paint on the screen with inks and let dry; remember the image prints in reverse.

Place the screen ink side down on top of paper; put some methylcellulose paste across one end.

Spread the paste across the screen with squeegee to reactivate and release the Inks.

Carefully peel the paper off the screen to reveal the print!

Submitted by Marabu

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