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Home is Where the Art is: Maker Personalities

There are many different reactions to the COVID-19 outbreak. At any given moment, the emotional rollercoaster of a global pandemic might involve sadness, anger, confusion, guilt, loneliness, joy or gratitude. 

As we put together content and wrap our minds around how our industry needs to (and can) evolve during this time, we realize that everyone’s reality is changed in different ways. For the purpose of brainstorming how art supplies fit into it all, we are focusing on people who are sheltering in their homes with the capacity and desire to create.

People in the creative materials industry are experts when it comes to creative solutions, expressing ourselves, learning new things, observing the world around us and interpreting it. We know that creative acts have the potential to destress our brains, heal our hearts, connect us to one another, channel our energy and tell important stories.

For those of us spending the majority of our time in our home, some days we might be pulled to organize every drawer in the house, Zoom with our friends and family, even shower and put on pants. Other days, we might curl up in bed and stare at various objects, listlessly switching from tab to tab, beating ourselves up for not even being able to get through one news article. 

But on the days when creativity does feel possible: here are some creative personalities we are noticing out in the world. We’ve bundled supplies with each personality so that our industry can help nurture all kinds of creative impulses!

The Interior Design Nut

For those of us who are spatially inclined, spending most of our time in the same room means optimizing the flow of everyday habits, rearranging at least once a week, switching new art into old frames and puzzling over ways to freshen up the stuff we look at everyday. 

Here are some items and projects in particular that might appeal to someone who has launched into overdrive in terms of nesting:

The Outdoorsy Type

While we are sheltering in place and only leaving our homes for essential errands, those of us who crave the outside world—the gardeners, sun-babies, beach bums, runners and plant moms —are getting extra creative with our very limited time outside. Maybe we transform our stoop into a cornucopia of garden art or elevate our sidewalk with a chic chalk art exhibit. Maybe we apply laser-like focus on our daily stay-sane walk around the block with the kids to bring home items of inspiration. 

Here are some items and projects that might appeal to someone who is re-imagining the patch of outside world they have access to:

The Helper

Visual art plays a crucial role for communicating ideas and connecting people to bigger issues. People are responding to the UN’s global call for creatives, a search for visual art that accurately communicates the nature of the public health crisis to people all over the world. This means artwork that communicates messaging around hand washing, social distancing, staying at home, supporting and honoring essential workers in food, health and security. In addition to creating visual vocabulary for what is happening, helpers are also creating various forms of face protection for everyday citizens (now recommended by the CDC).

Shout out to the Wet Paint Fashion Week, last year around this time; check out the article and get some inspiration for wearable art projects customers can try at home this spring.

The Performer

For those of us sheltering in place with time on our hands, especially those of us far from friends and family, social media is the main stage. The class clowns, fashionistas, social butterflies and meme-lovers of the world seem to be producing around the clock, creating a tsunami of content!

For people who are performers by nature, here are some ways to support their endeavors:

The Storyteller

In a similar vein of performers, people are chronicling their own experiences and the experiences of their community, sharing stories big and small. This means letter-writing, inspiring or potent comics about their daily lives.

The Art Dog team is always brainstorming ways to support our creative community with content, stories and tips; please let us know if you have any ideas or requests for what you’d like to see on the blog in coming weeks! 

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