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Make a Little Halloween Magic with DecoArt®

Leave the goblins and ghouls behind and bring your customers on a magical adventure this Halloween with a little help from DecoArt®! We’ve all had enough of the spooky and scary this year. Focus on the enchanting and fun parts of Halloween to create a mystical experience sure to delight. Without being able to go to typical Halloween parties, customers are looking for new ways to keep the holiday spirit strong with home decor and crafts. DecoArt® has a wide range of products perfect for creating mystical Halloween fun.

Glitter & Shine

Adding shimmery effects and reflective sheen can make Halloween decor festive and fun. Galaxy Glitter™ and Extreme Sheen™ add a bit of stardust and illusion to any project. Easily turn pumpkins (or other pumpkin-shaped objects!) from boring to boo-tiful with these gorgeous acrylic paints.

Spooky, Fun Signs

Add some giggles and fun to Halloween with handmade signs. It is easy with Americana Decor® Outdoor Living and DecoArt® Patio Paint Outdoor™. These durable paints are formulated to withstand outdoor elements and deliver bright, popping color to projects. There’s sure to be something for every witch or wizard to create!

Witches Way Halloween Sign

Broom Parking Sign 

Practice Potions Sign 

Witch Door Plaque

Happy Halloween and “best witches” from your friends at DecoArt®! Looking for more seasonal sorcery? DecoArt® has plenty of step-by-step instructions to help even beginning crafters go from dull to magical! Check the DecoArt® Project Gallery for even more magical inspiration.

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