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Joint Announcement: Too Corporation Americas & MacPherson’s

For the past 100 years, Too Corporation Group has distributed innovative art and creative design products. We started manufacturing COPIC markers to amplify the industry. COPICmarkers are made with the belief in Kaizen, a Japanese word for improvement, which is a process Too Corporation Group takes seriously.

For over 30 years, we have been honored to bring COPIC markers all over the world by working endlessly on every aspect to ensure continuous improvement in COPIC Markers.

To strengthen the continuity of supplying COPIC products, we are excited to announce the establishment of Too Corporation Americas and the beginning of our new partnership with MacPherson’s.

“Through MacPherson’s network, we will ensure that there is no disruption to the supply chain. We want to continue to supply the highest quality marker and meet the demand of our customers.”  – Atsushi Yanai, President & CEO, Too Corporation Americas

“We are beyond excited with this new partnership with Too Corporation Americas!” – Dave Schofield, CEO & President, MacPherson’s

Too Corporation Americas is pleased to share that we will be exhibiting at NAMTA 2019 as an official manufacturer of COPIC. Too Corporation Americas greatly appreciates the creative community for the support we have had with COPIC products and with your help we hope to grow our ever-changing industry.

Regarding pricing, we also want to be transparent and provide the MSRP and MAP of our flagship COPIC Markers. They are as follows:

COPIC Sketch: MSRP $7.99 MAP $5.85
COPIC Classic: MSRP $7.99 MAP $5.85
COPIC Ciao: MSRP $5.49 MAP $3.90

We look forward to being a part of your creative journey.

Highest regards,

Atsushi Yanai
President & CEO
Too Corporation Americas


Dave Schofield
CEO & President

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