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Kensington Art Supply Takes Car Crash in Stride

On April 11th just around 4:45pm, a car accident resulted in an impromptu “drive-thru” at Kensington Art Supply. Students taking art classes had already left for the day; no one was hurt and aside from damaged displays, the Kensington team bounced back with no hard feelings. Also, we discovered just how durable those STABILO displays are! “That red display lying on the ground in front of the window is the Stabilo Adults Creative Class Tower Assortment Display. While the products inside were damaged, the display itself held up amazingly well with a only dent in the back where it was struck by the SUV.”

“We installed a drive-thru today!” Annette Wichmann, store owner, joked on Facebook. “Actually, late afternoon on Thursday, an SUV drove into the front of the store. Luckily, no one was hurt! A couple of displays are toast, but the window is now boarded up and the glass has been cleaned up. We’re back to business as usual on Friday!”

The exchange between the driver (a regular customer) and the staff online is an endearing reminder that accidents happen, and a positive attitude might just turn it into an opportunity for connection… and a sale?

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