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Kennett Copy & More Expands, Adding a New Space For Classes

Kennett Copy & More, a copy center and art supply store in Kennett Square, Pennsylvania, announced an expansion this past month. The additional space will take shape as a classroom. Owners Lori and Rhonda, two friends who have a combined 60 years of experience in the office and art supply business, wanted to grow their educational programming, and when the hair salon next door downsized they seized the opportunity. “We always knew if one of the places next to us vacates, we’ll jump on it,” Lori says. The landlord checked in on them one day. “I have a problem, I have a store empty,” he said glumly. When he shared that it happened to be the space right next door, Lori told him not to be too upset.

New Classroom, More In-Store Classes

Classroom space in an art supply store, seats about twenty

While Lori acknowledges the additional space means a bump in rent and a need to fill the classes, the upsides of having a classroom make it all worth it. Four years ago when they opened, people were always asking for classes. Putting in a small classroom to begin with was a good start. “It was pretty tight. People would knock over things,” Lori says. “It was kinda awkward, explaining things to the customers, with a class in session.” While they made it work, customers and teachers alike appreciate the new classroom, with plenty of space to spread out and privacy from the hustle and bustle of the store.

Classroom full of students doing acrylic pouring art

Two weeks ago they had their first class in the new space: paint pouring with resin. Thirteen people attended and more have signed up for upcoming classes which include gouache, oil painting and watercolor.

“Everyone had such a good time and made some great artwork,” Lori says. Participants told her how much they appreciated that even with that number of people in the space, they were still able to get up and walk around comfortably to get supplies and look at other people’s work.

People in a paint-pouring class at an art supply store

Teaching Artists, Demo Days & Weekend Events

Kennett Copy & More’s store classroom is currently booked morning and afternoon Wednesdays and Thursdays, with classes taught by teachers and professional artists who are already their customers. The rest of the week is currently up for grabs. They plan to either rent the space out, have a local art show or host free events on the weekends for the community. They also have demos with Gamblin, Winsor & Newton, GOLDEN and Daniel Smith scheduled in the coming months. “As time goes on we’ll find more and more people,” Lori says. “Calligraphy, wood burning… we’re game for anything,” she adds.

Congratulations to Kennett Copy & More on the exciting expansion! We look forward to seeing where your educational programming takes you and your community in 2020.

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