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Jacquard’s Five NEW Pearl Ex Colors: Two Shimmering Metallics & Three Dazzling Duos

Jacquard is excited to introduce FIVE new Pearl Ex colors: 2 of the brightest, most reflective and opaque colors we’ve ever offered and 3 dazzling new Duo colors!

Hot Copper (697) is an exceptionally warm, almost orange copper color with unmatched opacity. This means almost all visible light reflects off the surface of the pigment, making it one of the most reflective and brightest metallic colors possible. Colors like this look especially good on black surfaces, because the contrast makes them “pop.”

Knox Gold (690) is the warmest gold color we offer… it’s even warmer than Aztec Gold. Its properties are almost identical to the Hot Copper—exceptional opacity that makes for an impressively smooth, brightly reflective effect. If you could melt this stuff down into bricks, they’d start stacking it up in Fort Knox!

With the three new additions, Jacquard now offers a total of six different Duo Colors. Duo colors are often misunderstood, despite being some of the best sellers. They are essentially special effect pigments that display a property known as “iridescence.” Think of an abalone shell, a soap bubble, or an oil slick: the color you see changes depending on the angle. From one angle the pigment looks red, from another, it looks blue—hence the term “duo color.” 

Background color can also make a difference: on a white background, you see more of the first color in our naming system, and on a black background, you see the second color. These colors are amazing for custom paint jobs and special effects. Note: There are also 5 “interference” colors in the Pearl Ex line. Technically, interference colors are also iridescent; however, rather than toggling between one color and another, interference colors toggle between colored and being completely transparent / invisible.

 We are introducing two totally new Duo colors: Duo Purple-Blue (696) and Duo Aqua-Blue (695). The third duo color is an old friend we have returned to the fold. The popular Duo Green-Yellow (682) color was unavailable for several years, but it’s back and is as beautiful as ever.

Pearl Ex Rack Updates

Rack ADD-ON Tiers for merchandising the 5 NEW colors + Rose Gold, Gum Arabic & Pearl Ex Varnish (not previously accommodated on the racks) are now available. Please specify white or black when ordering the Rack ADD-ON Tiers.

NEW: Three Sizes of Gum Arabic

Gum Arabic powder is the perfect companion for Pearl Ex! It’s now available in 2.25 g, 1 oz. & 4 oz. sizes and is included in the Pearl Ex Rack ADD-ON Tiers. Just mix Gum Arabic with water and Pearl Ex to make transparent watercolors, washes and calligraphy inks. It’s also great for stamping!

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