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Jacquard Expands: Introducing Jacquard Ink & Pad

Jacquard Products is pleased to announce the acquisition of equipment, molds, and technologies from Clearsnap, Inc. The new company, JACQUARD INK & PAD, is now fully operational, operating out of the same building in Washington, utilizing the same personnel, but under new ownership and management.

Visit the Jacquard Ink & Pad Website

Branded Ink Pads

While Jacquard’s acquisition of Clearsnap did not include the acquisition of the Clearsnap and ColorBox brand names, we did acquire the molds, equipment, ink formulations, and rights to produce equivalent ink pads, for both private label and our own brand.

Keep an eye out for a line of top-quality Jacquard branded ink pads coming soon!

Private Label Ink Pads

JACQUARD INK & PAD offers full-service OEM and private label ink pad manufacturing. No matter what type of ink pad you are interested in—industrial or craft, pigment-based or dye-based, metallic, opaque or transparent, fast or slow drying, etc.—we can see your production needs through from beginning to end.

We are proud to be a one-stop-shop for any brand interested in offering ink pads!

Ink Manufacturing

Visit or call Customer Service at 360.474.3602

JACQUARD INK & PAD manufactures a full range of industrial and craft inks, for applications on virtually any surface, and for a variety of marking systems (see more details below).

Our catalog runs the gamut from highly specialized solvent-based inks to highly economical water-based inks. We also offer full-service custom ink formulary tailoring, specific to your requirements. Working on a special project? JACQUARD INK & PAD can develop an ink specific to your needs!

Wide Range of Industrial Grade Inks for:

Cardboard, Rubber, HDPE Plastics, Foil, Glossy Paper, Metal, PVC Plastics, Cellophane, Wood

Inks for Unique Applications:

Roller Coder Systems, Coding Machines, Self-Inkers, Rubber Stamps, Stenciling, Fabrics, Price Marking, Epoxy/Solvent-Resistant Applications, Non-Porous Surfaces, and more!

About Jacquard Products

Rupert, Gibbon & Spider, Inc., manufacturers of Jacquard Products, has been producing high-quality textile art supplies for nearly 40 years. Jacquard’s product lines include: fabric paints, dyes, screen inks, pigment powders, fabric art markers, chemicals, waxes and superior-quality craft kits. All of Jacquard Products’ dyes and paints are made in the U.S.A.

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