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Infuse Positivity with Micador’s Engaging Projects For Kids

When times are stressful, we need something positive to engage in. What better activity than art and craft? Encourage your community to visit the IDEAS & LEARNING hub on Micador’s website for inspiration and activities for kids of all ages, and post pictures on social media of kid-specific kits and items.

In addition to kits, supplies and project ideas great for kids and families looking for educational and fun things to do during this time. Many parents will be homeschooling their children; what better way to celebrate Earth Day than educational projects with sustainably produced art supplies?

green eARTh™ is an environmentally friendly range of products that have been specially designed and made. To be classified as part of our green eARTh™ range, each product must have a real and significant environmental benefit, satisfying one or more of the following criteria:

  • Made with FSC® 100% certified timber;
  • Made from recycled materials;
  • Made with biodegradable materials;
  • Manufactured using clean energy sources;
  • 100% recyclable, when their market alternatives aren’t.

Discover green eARTh™ products available on

Great Projects to Try at Home

Check out this fun YouTube unboxing from Fourie Fam Cam on our Puzzletivities! Activity Pads are also a great way to engage kids. Check out the product videos for the jR. Drawing Activity Pad  and the Early Start Developmental Activity Pad, as well as the Make & Plays: the early stART Make & Play Barnyard and the Pet Edition. We have a fun and colourful Recycled Cardboard Weather Station activity that can be completed with our ColourFun markers. Then there is the Toddler Dot To Dots activity with the ES Safety Markers.

The jR. Jumbo Triangle Pencils are versatile and fun: try using them to make  Heart Hedgehogs or fun Butterfly Pencil Toppers. Get playful with pencil shavings and tracing activities using ES Jumbo Coloured Pencils.

As you can see the team at Micador has some fun videos and activities for these products and are keen to share everything with you!

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