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Industry Art Dogs: Office Pups and a Shop Dog

In honor of National Dog Day on August 26th, we wanted to include pups from both a retailer and a vendor, a handful of dogs to represent our art industry community as a whole. 

Dozer of Howard’s Art Supply

Dozer is the shop dog at Howard’s Art & Frames, an art supply store located in Hagerstown, Maryland. He is co-owner Andrew Naessig’s dog. He’s 10 years old and he really enjoys sleeping on the job. Dozer makes time for the simple joys in life:

“His favorite time is when the FedEx guy brings him treats. Dozer greets most of the customers when they come in the door unless he is too busy sleeping. He loves it when customers throw his favorite blue squeaky ball across the store for him to chase down. After unpacking boxes he enjoys playing with and shredding up a ball of wadded up paper.”

Pepper & Munchkin of Excel Blades

Introducing Pepper and Munchkin, two “cousins” who brighten everyone’s day at Excel Blades. They are in the office Monday through Friday working hard! Pepper’s Human is Kenda Hammam, VP of Sales and Marketing and Munchkin’s Human is Hany Hammam, VP of Operations.

“Pepper (left) is about a year old, very rambunctious and full of life. She loves giving kisses and playing with her teddy.  She is also a fan of sneakers. Pepper loves to be held like a baby and sit on your lap when she is ready to take a nap. Pepper is more laid back when she has a sweater on.

Munchkin (right) is 9 years old; he is the old timer trotting the halls of Excel Blades. Munchkin’s cousin Pepper tries to play with him during work hours but Munchkin tries to keep playing with Pepper to a minimum.  He tries to stay away from Pepper when she wants to play rough but loves to hang out with her when she is ready for nap time.”

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