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Hyatt’s Moves Into Their Dream Home

Hyatt’s has been in business on Main Street in Buffalo, New York for 58 years. A family owned company with a wide selection of art supplies, they also have a frame shop, a PANTONE Color Matching System department, a division that sells sign making equipment and materials and a robust e-commerce business. January 5th was their last day at their current location on Main Street; they have been in the process of moving into their new “dream home,” a 45,000 sq. ft. facility located at 1941 Elmwood Ave.

Moving into their new location, which will be opened on January 24th, 2019!

The space is large enough to serve as a retail store, warehouse and an office space.

Above: an aisle of the paint department as well as a dedicated airbrush showcase area.


A snapshot of the warehouse where they will fulfill orders from their e-commerce business. The office space houses customer service, accounting, marketing, and purchasing teams as well as the outside sales department.

Once the dust settles, the Hyatt’s team has a lot to look forward to in 2019″

“We are looking forward to having our entire team under one roof where we can become even more efficient and better at helping our customers, both locally and across the globe,” Beth Hyatt, co-owner and Director of Marketing, says. “Every part of our company has new spaces that were developed with their needs in mind to help them perform better and just overall create an exciting place to come to work. So for 2019, we are most excited to grow into our new space and see what new things we can try out now that we have the capabilities.”

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