Honoring Sandy Goodstein, May 19, 1958 – July 8, 2020

We’d like to celebrate Sandy Goodstein, a well-loved friend and colleague to many people in our industry. Sandy worked with the MacPherson’s team for 15 years, and many of us knew her well. 

A message from Sandy’s sister Beth on Facebook; the program from her service last week in Costa Mesa, CA.

Some of our team members, past and present, share fond memories of Sandy:

“I was lucky to have Sandy G. assigned to me when I started working for MacPherson’s in the customer service dept. in 2012. Her sense of humor, huge heart and grouchy personality clicked with my own and we had the most fun you could have while keeping orders, emails and contracts flowing. When I saw Sandy Goodstein pop up on caller ID, I answered the phone “SANDYGEE!” and she would reply “HANNAHARRGH!” and we’d get down to business. 

When my future wife Jessica joined the MacPherson’s team in 2014, she took my job in customer service when I moved to Creative Services. It didn’t take but a week or two before Jessica renamed her “Sandy Badstein.” Sandy was thrilled, and it was safe to say the training was a success. We miss her terribly but I will always hear her in my head, especially the voicemails she left us on our birthdays singing off key and with pauses in all the wrong (right?) places.”
– Hannah Reineck,  Web Content Specialist / Graphic Design

“I’ll always remember Sandy as fearless. She was direct and down to earth. She’d challenge vendors, colleagues, customers and even herself if that’s what it took. I could count on her to keep me honest and that her feedback would be meaningful. At the same time, she was never shy about praising folks who deserved it either. I will miss her and remember Sandy as truly one of the good ones.”
– Dave Tavel, Digital Projects Manager

“What I loved about Sandy was her straightforward way of communication. You always knew where you stood with her and if you can’t take the heat, then get out of the kitchen. I also loved that her customers were sacred to her. She’d always say, ‘how’s that deal going to work for MY customer?’”
– Jeanine Davids, Category Manager

We got in touch with Dawn McKay, a former MacPherson’s Account Manager, who shared a bit more about Sandy and the life-long friendship they had:

“Sandy was pretty special. When I first started with MacPherson’s of course Sandy introduced herself—she was so friendly and out-going and helpful. Sandy basically trained me. She was my mentor, I could ask her about anything. She was so helpful and generous with her knowledge.

Over the years we shared a lot, especially because we sat in traffic so much for work, we’d call each other to try to kill an hour and half, two hours, sharing stories about our day, people we had called on, things that were successful, things that didn’t work. We had our own little sales meetings in the car.

We had a lot in common in our work, and that carried us into a lifetime of friendship. Even after we stopped working at the same company, I talked to Sandy once a week. We were complete opposites. She liked baseball, barbecuing, she hated fashion, makeup, she was not interested in museums… We connected because she was a very honest, down to earth person, and very real and very genuine.”

We are so grateful to Sandy for the lasting impact she had on all of her customers, colleagues and friends. She will be missed dearly. In lieu of flowers, donations can be sent in her honor to the following organizations:

  • LGBTQ Center Orange County – LGBTQ Center OC’s mission is to empower LGBTQ Orange County through a variety of programs and events
  • AALOC – The Animal Assistance League of Orange County is a non-profit no-kill humane society dedicated to aiding lost and homeless pets, helping people with pet related problems, promoting responsible pet ownership and pet population control, and preventing cruelty to animals through educational programs.


  • Michael Kalman

    I am deeply saddened to learn of Sandy Goodstein’s passing. She was such a kind-hearted, decent person, who consistently went out of her way to be supportive to her vendors. Even her small vendors. She was excellent in presenting to her customers at trade shows on the floor and after the show great fun at the bar. I have many pleasant memories of working with Sandy in the field where it was apparent how knowledgeable she was and how respected by her customers. I am sorry that our paths veered apart after she left MacPherson’s but I will always remember her with great fondness and indeed with appreciation.

  • Catherine Monahon, Copywriter • MacPherson's

    Michael, thanks so much for sharing your memories of Sandy. She will be missed dearly.

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