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Holiday Bundles With Art Alternatives

You know the old joke, a non-artist walks into an art store with their Van still Goughing… No? Well, one way to make them stay longer is to have some easy gifts ready to go. We’ve created some bundle suggestions on products that will give you the room to offer your customers a fantastic discount. These bundles are made to help customers celebrate the holiday season with a creative evening with the people they care about! These bundles make great art kits for events like holiday parties.

What is a Bundle? A group or products packaged together with an overall discount—or with some “free” items included. There are different philosophies for which type of bundle works best—we’ve seen equal success with both methods, so do what’s best for your customers.

Quite a few of the bundled items below are a part of our exclusive Holiday Doorbusters list, it’s not too late to add some holiday cheer to your store with these extra special deals. As a special holiday thanks for reading Art Dog Blog, mention this article to your Account Manager to receive great pricing on all of these items through the end of 2019. 

Paint Party (7 people)

What’s included:

12” x12” Economy Canvas Super Value Pack AA5155

Classic Acrylic 24-Color Paint SetAA92002

Brush Bundle Super Pack AA40400

Sketching 12-Piece Set AA1140

Sample copy for promoting this event to your friends and family: “New to paint nights? It’s simple! Pop open a laptop and paint along with any YouTube star of your choice. We suggest covering your table with newsprint or a dropcloth, and it does help to drink some libations…”

Friends Paint Night (4 people)

What’s included:

12” x 12” Wood Panel Super Value 4-Pack  AA46105

24-Pack of Acrylic Paint AA92002

Brush Bundle Super Pack AA40400

Sketching 12-Piece Set AA1140

Gift Set

What’s included:

Chalk Marker Set AA10710

Black Chalkboard Limited Edition Creative Surface AALSBC1114

Marker SetAA1172

Artist Studio Mini Gift Set

Merced Table Easel AA13505

Mixed Media Artist Set AAAS0005

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