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Hanging Bird Mobile with Excel Blades

Start Spring off right with this cute hanging bird mobile! This mobile is made of soft and flexible wire, paper, love and imagination. Hang your DIY bird on walls at home or in the garden. So what are you waiting for? Grab your tools and have fun!



Step 1: Grab some yellow paper and draw your bird.
Step 2: Cut the outline of the bird out.

Step 3: Grab a piece of white paper and trace the front part of the bird (the belly). Once you’ve drawn the front part of the bird, mimic the outline of the face and belly.

Step 4: Cut out the white piece you just drew.

Step 5: Take a green piece of paper and your bird and outline the wing of the bird.  Draw the rest of the wing.

Step 6: Cut out the green wing.

Step 7: Flip the bird over and glue the white and green pieces on it (the side without pencil marks).

Step 8: Draw the lines on the tail and wing of the bird.

Step 9: Grab your hole puncher and punch a little hole on the top part of your bird.

Step 10: Cut a piece of string, approximately one foot long, and put the string through the hole.

Step 11: Take your soft flexible wire and grab your wire cutters. Cut a piece of wire, about two feet long.

Step 12: Grab your wood stick and wrap one end of the wire on one side. Make a big “U” and wrap the other side of the wire onto the stick. This will create a sitting post for the bird.

Step 13: Grab your bird and in the center of the wire tie the bird to the wire. Make sure you leave string on the top so you can hang up your bird.

Step 14: Hang your bird!

For more paper art designs from Maria Marinoni visit her Instagram Looking for even more inspiration?  Follow Excel Blades Instagram, too!

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