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Hahnemühle’s Three Watercolor Travel Companions For Summer

Keep the momentum of World Watercolor Month going with these three watercolor companions that encourage creative people to explore watercolor wherever their travels take them.

Brand NEW from Hahnemühle: The ZigZag Book!

18 pages of the finest watercolor paper folded in accordion style for unlimited possibilities! Ideal for Urban Sketchers and all those who love to paint and draw while traveling.The fine-grain surface on both sides is perfectly suited for all wet painting techniques with a brush or pen. The 300gsm weight ensures stability and thanks to the surface sizing, colors flow with ease and can be lifted without any problems. The paper is eraser-resistant and masking fluid and tapes are removed residue-free. An eye-catching red band in the upper right corner allows this rugged oversized book cover to close securely, keeping the contents protected. The ZigZag book is available in a square 5.5” x 5.5” or portrait formats 5.83” x 8.27” and 4.13” x 5.83” or our new MINI ZigZag 1.97” x 1.97”. 

Learn more about The Zig Zag book here:

Hahnemühle Watercolor Book

This watercolor book is the ideal companion for artists who love to capture their memories without delay. The natural white 200gsm paper features a fine-grained surface structure on both sides. Eraser-resistant due to the material and surface sizing, this watercolor book is compact and offers an ample number of pages to paint your memories on. With a durable cover and an elastic band to hold the cover together your art work is always protected. Choose from the various available landscape and portrait sizes. The Watercolor Book has 60 pages/30 sheets.

Hahnemühle Watercolor Postcards

Our best seller is now available in cold press too! If you want to create tactile and visually unique pieces in miniature, then watercolor postcards are the perfect choice. These popular 4” x 6” watercolor postcards have a cold pressed surface in addition to the rough surface currently available. The round-edge corners and preprinted address field on the back are perfect for on-the-go souls from watercolor and plein air painters to urban sketchers. The cards have a weight of 230gsm and can be safely transported in the stylish metal box, to be painted and them posted wherever you are. The soft textured paper allows for ease of use of brushes and every kind of pencil or pen. The card’s natural tone allows the colors to glow, and the paper is equally suitable for both wet and dry painting techniques. 30 cards per tin.

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