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Grafix Shrink Film Adds Expanding Creative Possibilities!

Grafix expanded Shrink Film line adds to the creative possibilities for collage and assemblage, art journaling, jewelry making and much more!  An easy to use film that can be decorated or printed on, cut and then baked in a convention oven or with a heating tool. This durable plastic film shrinks down to 20% of its original size and becomes 9 times thicker. Available in a wide range of Shrink Film types; such as Assorted Colors, Clear, Matte, White and even Inkjet printable in Clear and White. Merchandise with Mixed media supplies, Kids art & creative projects and paper art.

Shrink Plastic Jewelry Using Coloring Pages
Create your own customized jewelry using your favorite coloring book and Grafix Shrink Film as seen from Make It Artsy created by Julie Fei-Fan Balzer.


Grafix Clear Shrink Film
• Coloring Book
Sakura Soufflé Pens
• Heat Gun or Oven
Hole Punch/Self-Healing Mat
Earring Hooks

In Her Heart Mini Shrink Film Assemblage

Love working small? Grafix Shrink Film allows you to do exactly that! Create an itty bitty spool assemblage using Shrink Film, wonderful images, Aqua pens and so much more with Cat Kerr’s Mini Assemblage!


Both of these projects have an easy step-by-step instruction guide that can be printed and shared!

Great ways to utilize these projects in your store include:

·    Shrink + Share: Share these fun and entertaining craft projects on your social media channels to inspire creativity and the much-needed craft run to your store to get supplies to make these projects.

·    Make + Take: Print these instructions out for a fun in-store make and take demo that’s enjoyable for all ages!

·    Decorate + Shrink: Create your own kit with the materials listed in this guide to encourage more creating fun at home!

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