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Global Art ArtGraf: A Water-Soluble Wonderland

World Watercolor Month is a great time to explore any and all water-soluble art materials! An exciting and versatile tool for drawing and painting, ArtGraf Carbon Black Tailor Shape is a unique, charcoal block prepared for drawing and painting. ArtGraf Carbon Black Tailor Shape is water-soluble, extremely soft and ideal for travel or studio use.  Artist, José Emídio achieves a wide range of shades, from light gray to deep black in this exciting video:

Karen Kramer, a watercolorist based in Oakland, CA, who was recently interviewed on Art Dog, tried out ArtGraf. “I’ve never tried the Art Graf pigment blocks before and I have to say, I really love them. The colors are intense, interesting, and luscious and I really like the way they become instantly soft and ready to put on the paper as soon as you touch a wet brush to them. I like they way they mix too.”

The ArtGraf Ochre mixed into a watercolor painting that is in progress.

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