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Gamblin Sales Tip: Pigments

Pigment Uses
We’ve seen a ton of sales growth for our Pigments over the last few years. We’re finding that the DIY movement continually inspires artists to get creative with raw materials and drive pigment sales.

While an artist may want to use our pigments to make their own oil paint by mixing with linseed oil or other drying oils such as Poppy, Stand, or Safflower, they can also be used to create other paint mediums using binders for acrylics, watercolors, egg tempera, and fresco. Additionally, our pigments can be mixed with Gamblin Oil Ground to provide a tinted base layer to work on top of.

We’ve also seen beautiful results when mixed with epoxy resin to fill in negative areas in wood grain, or as a colored coating for surf boards. We’ve spoken with artists who use our pigments in grout for mosaic and tile projects. On trend, pigments can also be mixed with pouring mediums in conjunction with, or as a replacement to, acrylic colors.

For more information and safety tips for working with pigments, please refer to the Pigments page on our website.

Updated Packaging
Based on the questions you were receiving in your store, we recently updated our Pigment labels with more information to help readily answer artists questions.

Our labels now clarify that YES, this is the same pigment used in our Artist Grade Oils, which is finely ground and 100% pure, and the pigment number is easier to read…helpful for artists that know exactly what they want or who are comparing prices from brand to brand. Updated individual product images are available for download through our Retailer Resources portal.

Available in a range of 22 colors, there is no better value in Pigments than Gamblin. When looked at in terms of price per gram, Gamblin is an outstanding buy. And the small sizes of our pigments mean they’re even more affordable.

As always, please reach out with any questions or feedback. From all 25 of us, thank you for your continued support of an independent and American colorhouse.

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