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Gamblin Announces Discontinued Products

We are discontinuing the following products:

These products will remain available while supplies last. Effective immediately, our MAP Policy no longer applies to these items. 

Why no more Rabbit Skin Glue and Traditional Gesso?

We recognize that many painters value the working properties of rabbit skin glue and traditional gesso. We have our own values, however, and these products do not align with them. We don’t want any part of the rabbit farming industry. Period.  

For decades, Gamblin PVA Size has given artists a much higher performing and vegan alternative to Rabbit Skin Glue. 

Our Ground gives painters brighter colors, greater permanence, and an animal-free alternative to Traditional Gesso for preparing panels and canvases. It’s time to leave the past in the past. 

Thank you so much for your long-standing support of Gamblin and for all of your ideas and feedback along the way. We’ve been listening and have some exciting things coming this year and in the years ahead. 

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