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Excel’s Donut Card Is Good Enough to Eat

Scrinkl makes Sprinkles! Paper artist Margaret Scrinkl shows us how to make a sprinkled donut with just a few tools. Get creative and add stars, hearts or anything you want on your donut.  This is a great DIY project for the whole family. Just remember, these donuts are paper, not food!



1. Draw a “window” on your white paper.

2. Grab your K18 blade and cut the “window” out.

3. Take the double-sided tape and tape the window trim to another piece of white paper, creating a “box”.

4. Select your paper for the donut and draw four circles with your compass. Scrinkl uses four different shades of brown for this step. Make sure you draw a circle in the center of the donut!

5. Cut out the center of the donut with your K18 and the outside of the donut with your scissors.

6.  Grab your colored paper for the tops of the donuts (the icing!) and draw the shape of the icing on the paper. Remember to draw and cut a hole in the middle.

7. Use your K18 to cut the center of the icing out and use your scissors to cut the outside.

8. Take your double-sided tape and tape the icing to the donuts.

9.  Cut little strips of different colors for sprinkles; use different shapes and colors to create different looks for the donuts.

10. Glue the sprinkles onto the donuts.

11. Put double-sided tape on the back of the donuts.

12.  Tape the donuts into your “box”.

13.  Cut a white strip to create a ribbon around the box.

14. Draw a bow on the same colored paper and cut it out.

15. Tape the bow to the ribbon; you have your donut card!

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