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Excel Demo: Realistic Leaf Frame

In honor of craft month, Excel Blades presents a new DIY video from blog artist Maria Marinoni.  Maria shows you how to make a frame with the illusion of realistic leaves and flowers. This crafty tutorial lets your imagination run wild! Hang your favorite pictures on the wall in the midst of a realistic leaf and flower frame. Enjoy!



1. Measure five 4cm x 18cm strips of paper and cut them with the K2 knife

2. Grab your mitre box and cut the ends off of four of the stripes in a 45° angle

3. Cut one 17.5 x 17.5cm square using your K2 knife

4. Glue all the strips on the cut corners and put together to form a frame

5. Glue on the last strip to the back of the frame

6. Glue the square back onto the strip you just put on the frame

7. Grab your colored paper and draw leaves (Maria used green paper for this)

8. Cut them out with your K18 knife

9. Take your burnishing tip, pounce wheel and soft embossing mat. Mold, engrave and carve the leaves

10.  Color and shade edges with a black ink pad

11. Arrange all the leaves on the frame and glue them down once you like the arrangement

13.  Take the ink pad and color the frame’s sides

14. Take the remaining colored paper you picked and draw flowers (Maria uses blue and yellow paper for this)

15. Cut them out with your K18 knife

16. Take your burnishing tip, pounce wheel, and soft embossing mat. Mold, engrave and carve them

17. Finally, grab your frame and glue the flowers on!

For more paper art designs from Maria Marinoni visit her Instagram.

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