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Elevate Your Pumpkin Game with Montana Cans MARBLE EFFECT Spray

MONTANA Marble spray is having a moment. The beautiful and unique spray patterns, the quality of the pigments and the uprising of DIY marble countertops has given this product a big boost outside of the traditional graffiti market. 

As a Halloween Grinch and general scaredy cat, I don’t usually celebrate the Halloween season. But when my neighbor mentioned throwing a “classy” Halloween party for our “bubble” I conceded. With white pumpkins being much more popular in my local supermarkets, I couldn’t resist trying out the new Montana EFFECT Marble Spray on these unassuming gourds. I think they turned out beautifully and you can create the same effect in less than ten minutes!


  • Pumpkins. Any color will do, but white is a beautiful blank “canvas.”
  • Paper bags/plastic to cover your work area
  • Montana Cans MARBLE EFFECT Spray Color
  • Test surface
  • Paint marker to color the stem

Simple Steps for Success

Step 1: Wash your pumpkins and prepare your workspace. This spray paint comes out a bit like silly string, so protect a larger surface area than you would when normally painting. 

Step 2: Learn how to use the spray on a flat surface. I don’t mind telling you that when I sprayed my test strip over this Art Alternatives Creative Surface I said “WOW!” outloud to absolutely no one. It’s literally an awesome product. With the MARBLE EFFECT spray, you don’t have control over the pattern. But I found that by standing above the surface and spraying a steady “string”  in the air, the paint would fall in a beautiful marbled pattern. 

Step 3: Go for it! Spray those pumpkins! I lined the pumpkins up next to each other and slowly rotated them as the paint fell to get an even coat. The paint dries to the touch quickly, so you can rotate the pumpkins and spray again within 10-15 seconds without dripping or blotting. 

Step 4: Color your stems! If I had done a black marble, I could color the stem black. This little extra touch pulls the entire project together. 

Step 5: Display your creations and be the envy of your neighbors! 


My pumpkins lasted about two weeks before the squirrels got to them, but it does appear that the paint won’t “eat into” the flesh of the pumpkin at all. In the temperate weather of fall (I live in Chicago) and without hungry city squirrels, these would last me through my fancy Halloween dinner. Good thing the project is so easy and I can just make more. Happy Halloweening! 

Have you used the Montana Cans MARBLE EFFECT sprays? Share your project ideas or questions in the comments. 

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