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National Craft Month Project: Stamping with Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic

March is National Craft Month and Liquitex Soft Body is the perfect fluid acrylic for a fun, easy craft project. Customize bags, pillow cases, cloth napkins and more with any of Liquitex’s 100 Soft Body colors.

Jars of Liquitex Soft Body Acrylic in all colors of the rainbow, perfect for this easy craft project involving fabric and stamps.


Liquitex Soft Body, the original fluid acrylic, is a low viscosity acrylic. It is fluid yet has enough body to work well with different stamping materials and craft projects to create images and texture. Anything that creates textures can be used for stamping. 

Things around the store, home or studio that you don’t mind getting paint on can create interesting stamps—including binder clips, leaves and rubber bands—in just a few easy steps!

1. Pick your surface and stamping object(s).

2. Paint the stamping object the Liquitex Soft Body color of your choosing using Liquitex Freestyle Brushes.

3. Press the painted side of the stamping object against the surface to create an impression.

4. Clean and repaint the stamping object a different color if you’d like and repeat.

5. Patterns can be random or symmetrical, and layered in whatever order you like for the type of effect you desire. Have fun with it!

Submitted by Liquitex

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