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DIY Metallic Pumpkins With MONTANA

Halloween is a great time to get your DIY on. Make some cool decor and of course, get dressed up. Check out these traditional pumpkins with a contemporary metallic touch; they make a great in-store display that will inspire your customers. This project was created by Rachel of The Crafted Life; check out her site for more inspiration!


  • Pumpkins (with the head stems on)
  • Montana METALLIC 400ml in colors of choice
  • Montana GOLD, in color Frozen Raspberry
  • Gloves
  • Mask
  • Drop sheet or cardboard

This project features METALLIC Effect colors Red, Gold, Avacado Green, Ice Blue, Tennessee, Plum and Silver, with details on how to prep the pumpkin and create the dipped effect pictured above. Check out the demo on All Spray Painted, a blog dedicated to crafting with MONTANA, for the complete instructions!

Submitted by MONTANA; project @allspraypainted and @thecraftedlife

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