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DIY Embossing Magic with Excel

Excel Blades is excited to share a new blog from their very own team member Sam Martin. In this video he shows you the magic of embossing. Here, Sam shows you how to emboss vinyl with the replaceable stylus tip. Not only are you able to emboss vinyl, but you can also use this stylus on materials like leather, clay, foil, fondant and so much more.  Do you believe in magic?



1.       Grab your tape and tape your artwork you’d like to emboss to the Bristol paper.

2.       Grab your K18 and cut the artwork out; make sure to only cut-out what you want to emboss.

3.       Poke out the cut-out parts of your artwork.

4.       Take off the artwork you taped to the Bristol paper.

5.       Grab your vinyl and place it over the cut-out; make sure the back of the vinyl is facing you.

6.       Grab your stylus and start tracing the cut-out; change out the tips as you emboss to enhance the overall look.

7.       You can use the ball tip to trace the artwork.

8.       Use the spoon tip to emboss larger areas.

9.       Use the needle point tip to emboss the outline of the artwork to enhance the edges.

10.   Voila!  You are finished.

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