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Discover Color with NEW Winton Oil Colours

Winsor & Newton has extended the Winton Oil Colour range with eight new colors, bringing the total to 55 colors.

Made from high-quality pigments, Winton Oil Colours are durable, lightfast and permanent. Delivering consistent color every time, their ready-to-use formulation means you can effortlessly work at any scale. The bright and beautiful colors are perfect for artists who need large quantities of color and also for first time artists learning the fundamentals of oil painting. The formulation, manufacturing and quality control of Winton Oil Colour ensures a dependable working paint.

Explore the enhanced spectrum with:

Dark Colors

  • Phthalo Deep Green: A deep muted grey green that provides a range of dark subtle tones.
  • Quinacridone Deep Pink: A magenta with a bluer undertone that leans between Magenta and Cobalt Violet Hue.
  • Dark Verdigris: A deep green with a very deep mass tone and natural green undertones that leans between Sap Green and Oxide of Chromium.

Vibrant Colors

  • Cadmium Scarlet Hue: A vibrant, semi-opaque red with rich orange mid-tones and a soft yellow undertone.
  • Dioxazine Blue: A rich violet with a beautiful blue violet undertone that leans between Dioxazine Purple and French Ultramarine.
  • Phthalo Yellow Green: A bright yellow green with a clean, mid-green mass tone and a soft pale lime undertone with a rich yellow bias.

Azo Colors 

  • Azo Yellow Green: A yellow with green overtones offering a softer muted addition to the palette.
  • Azo Brown: Sits well within the ochres and umbers with a warm soft pink tone, although not an actual earth color.

Increasing the choice and range with eight new accessible colors, your palette can be broader than ever. Discover color with Winton Oil Colours today.

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