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Derwent Waterbrushes with NEW Push Button Feature

Derwent Waterbrushes Move Artists from Idea to Finished Art with Seamless Strokes

Derwent has a full line of Push Button Waterbrushes designed to give artists both control and flexibility as they create. With fine point to chisel tip options, push-button control, and nylon fibre tips that hold their shape, the waterbrushes are the ideal tools for taking what inspires you and turning it into a personal masterpiece on the page.

Here, we break down the key features of the waterbrushes to help you know which are right for you and how to best use them to get the most out of your Derwent products.

Push Buttons

The push buttons on the Derwent waterbrushes allow for both left- and right-handed use with their unique design. The button enables the artist to override the pressure sensitive valve system used in standard Derwent water brushes, enabling artists to create large washes and backgrounds with seamless brush strokes. Simply depress the button to release extra water, either into the palette to create colour mixes or when painting to fade out, dilute colours, and create large washes.

 Larger Barrel

 The larger barrel on the Push button brushes means that there is less requirement to keep refilling them with water as the reservoirs hold far more than the standard water brushes on the market.

The barrels on the water brushes are interchangeable. What this means for the artist is if you happen to run out of water in one brush, simply swap the barrel from another and you are good to go. Making them much more user friendly for artwork on the go such as urban sketching or Plein Aire as there is less chance of running out of water. Wider neck to the water chamber means filling is easy. 

Varying Sizes

The push button waterbrushes come in a range of sizes: very fine, which allows for the finest detail and continuous lines, perfect for precision and detail; round tips, that come in varying sizes; and a 10mm chisel tip, ideal for large areas and blocking in. There really is a brush for every requirement and every art form, from urban sketching and graphic art, to portraiture or landscapes.

Pressure Sensitive Valve

The valve gives the waterbrushes dual purpose and greater functionality. There’s no need to squeeze water out for regular use and painting because the brushes automatically calculate the necessary amount of water required depending on the pressure being applied to the brush’s bristles. It is only necessary to depress the button if you want to override the valve system to allow more water for washes or other applications that would require it. 

Easy to Clean and Maintain

Derwent’s brushes are simple to clean and maintain. Just run them under water to clean. If the valve becomes ‘gummed up’ with paint, simply soak overnight in warm water and mild detergent, then rinse in clean water and it will be as good as new.

Mix a Diluted Wash

The barrel is clear plastic, making it perfect for viewing diluted colours put straight into the handle of the waterbrush. This feature will improve colour consistency and save time. You won’t have to start and stop to add extra water as you paint. Colours such as Inktense blocks can be grated and mixed with water and put straight into the brush handle for ease of use.

If you want more information about the Push-Button Waterbrushes or the full line of Derwent products, visit

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