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DecoArt Launches Free Art Education Series “Art for Everyone”

At DecoArt we believe art is for everyone, and we want to encourage the world to paint with us. Families, parents, educators, and communities have all faced immeasurable challenges this year. Such an unprecedented disruption in our day-to-day lives has altered the ways we interact, learn, and even spend our time. During these times of great upheaval, the Arts & Crafts industry has become essential, and it’s clear activities to entertain children, occupy time, and facilitate de-stressing are critical.

In response to this clear and pressing need, DecoArt© has launched a free online learning center. “Art For Everyone”  is a resource for artists, teachers, students, and curious creators of all ages and abilities now available on the DecoArtR   website and DecoArt® YouTube channel.

This free video library will cover a variety of art concepts and subjects, from the anatomy of a brush to advanced design composition. Our new Art for Everyone Education Series is a collection of videos taught by accomplished artists from all around the U.S. and Canada. These short, easy-to-follow lessons are for artists of all ages and abilities looking to build a solid foundation of artistic knowledge.

We cover a wide variety of topics in these 4 categories: Art Basics, Beyond Basics, Art Wellness, and Creative Kids.

Art Basics

Art Basics covers artistic concepts for the absolute beginner. Learn about topics such as how to care for your paint brushes, prep surfaces, or how to use color theory.

Beyond Basics

Once you’ve mastered the basics, go beyond with these fun videos. We give a more in-depth look at several artistic concepts and techniques such as composition, mixed media, or how to properly use glitter paint.

Art Wellness

These videos teach several artistic practices shown to improve health and wellness. Some of the topics we cover are journaling, meditative painting, and how to make dot art. Even experienced artists can learn some new relaxing techniques.

Creative Kids

These lessons are perfect for kids looking to exercise their creativity! Part art and part art history, these fun and engaging lessons show kids how to paint like famous artists.

This is just a glimpse of what this free program has to offer, there’s lots more to discover. Visit the DecoArtR   website and DecoArt® YouTube channel to see our other “Art For Everyone” lessons. Happy making!

Zebra Pen Winter B-T-S Hot Deal: Buy 2 Assortments, Get 1 FREE

Be sure to check out the MacPherson’s Winter Back to School promo online for ZEBRA Pen’s hottest deal ever! ZEBRA Pen will be offering a Buy 2 Get 1 Free Assortment promotion.  This is the perfect opportunity to bring in some of ZEBRA’s top trending items with consumers on social media like the Mildliner Highlighter, Sarasa Clip Retractable Gel or the new Clickart Retractable Marker.  

Below are some of the key brands to consider: 

  • Mildliner Highlighter and Brush: The love for the Mildliner brand is strong by consumers who use it in endless applications from journaling to color-coding and study guides.  Check out the Instagram hashtag #mildliner to see some of the great consumer content! 
  • Sarasa Clip Retractable Gel: Sarasa Clip from Japan is a key companion to Mildliner.  Consumers love to match up like colors of Sarasa Clip with their Mildliner collection.  Available in 37 colors allowing consumers a broad range of colors for their creative applications.  ZEBRA has seen strong growth in the Sarasa Clip brand as the gel category and color-coding trend have increased.    
  • Clickart Retractable Marker: From Japan and new to the US market, Clickart is another very popular item with consumers being used along with Mildliner and Sarasa Clip. ClickArt features a convenient retractable design with an innovative ink technology that prevents the marker from drying out when left retracted.

All ZEBRA assortments are on promotion and the drop ship minimum is $400 net. Assortments can be combined with open stock or sets to reach the minimum. Assortment of lesser value is free. Order must contain 3 unique displays and assortments. Note: Assortment and display item # must be included on the order. Ordering details are available on MacPherson’s Online Express or in the Buyer’s Guide. Be sure not to miss this great offer!

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