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DecoArt Chalky Gesso

Is your fine art display just…fine? Elevate your shelf space from “fine” to “fantastic” with the NEW Chalky Gesso from DecoArt, Inc. As the first of its kind, Chalky Gesso delivers a seriously smooth, suede-like finish that requires no sanding! Your customers will love Chalky Gesso’s ability to smooth out even the toughest natural textures. From canvas and wood to metal and glass, Chalky Gesso easily glides over a variety of surfaces…a great feature for upselling. And it’s available in 6 neutral colors to please every artist’s “palette”!

Chalky Gesso in action:

The Original Chalk Gesso

On Glass

On Metal

Artists everywhere agree that DecoArt’s Chalky Gesso is the perfect primer for fine art, decorative painting, and more! Here are a few quotes from happy artists:

It’s got the most amazing coverage 😍 I cannot believe that you don’t need a second coat! – Connie S.

I love it!! I painted two portraits using the Chalky Gesso as the base and loved the smoothness of it. – Diana C.

Absolutely love this Gesso! ❤️ Love the colors and how smooth it is on canvas. – Jacqueline M.

I love it! Yesterday, I began my first oil on canvas painting prepped with this product and I couldn’t be happier with the results. – James R.

See what artists are raving about and give your customers something new for smooth-”sale-ing”!

*Exclusively sold through MacPherson’s. To purchase DecoArt Chalky Gesso, contact your MacPherson’s representative.

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