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Crescent Acquires U.S. Operations of Nielsen Bainbridge

Submitted by Crescent

Crescent Cardboard Company, the leading provider of high-quality paper and board products, has acquired the US businesses of Nielsen Bainbridge from NBG Home. Nielsen Bainbridge, another leading provider of high-quality products for framing professionals and conservators, has combined advanced scientific research and innovative design to deliver groundbreaking products used by custom framers and museums worldwide. Crescent feels this acquisition will enhance its leadership in the manufacturing and marketing of high-quality paper and board products for artists, custom framers and other institutions worldwide.

Crescent will add the following products to its portfolio: Nielsen aluminum moulding; Bainbridge artboard, matboard, foamboard and mounting board; and Nurre Caxton wood moulding. Regarding the future of these products, Matt Ozmun, President of Crescent Brands, said “having all the brands and lines all together under one house will give us the opportunity to expand offerings. There is no need to be afraid your favorite products will go away. This will allow us to bring more to the table, not less.”

In a subsequent move, Crescent Cardboard Company will be rebranding as Crescent Brands. Crescent Brands will operate as a portfolio company that will utilize its resources to manufacture, supply, promote and support brands such as Crescent, Bainbridge, Nielsen, Nurre Caxton, and more. Crescent will be making this change out of respect for the Nielsen, Bainbridge and Nurre Caxton brands, which they intend to operate these brands independently to keep continuity in the products many have come to know and love.

Upper management at Crescent Brands has made it clear that they plan to maintain as much consistency as possible in the production and distribution of Nielsen Bainbridge products. Tom Fuller, VP of Sales and Marketing at Crescent, said “We have every intention of keeping the distribution channel consistent. We’ve been in conversations with all the distributors and they’re all very excited for what the future holds. So, at this point we don’t expect any changes. If anything, we’ll look at enhancing it.”

“This is an exciting opportunity for Crescent Brands to strengthen and expand the products of both Crescent and Nielsen Bainbridge. Both companies have always maintained the same core principles of manufacturing the highest quality products in our industry, and that will always continue,” said Matt Ozmun.

About Crescent

Headquartered in Wheeling, Illinois Crescent is the recognized worldwide leader in manufacturing and marketing of high-quality paper and board products for artists and custom framers. Crescent was founded in 1902 by the Ozmun family, which is now in its fifth generation of leadership and commitment to the company. Focused on color, innovation, and design, Crescent conducts business around the world and has operations in over 20 countries.

About Nielsen Bainbridge

Bainbridge began in 1867 in Brooklyn, NY and patented “picture-mat” and in 1890 applied for the world’s first official patent on matboard. Today the Nielsen Bainbridge Group combines intensive research with the latest styles and trends to deliver a wide range of the highest quality framing products to the professional framers and museums which include matboards, foamboards, aluminum frames and picture frame moulding.

About NBG Home

Headquartered in Austin, Texas, NBG Home is the largest provider of affordable home décor products, including lighting, accent furniture, soft goods, wall décor, frames and other categories marketed under brands such as Pinnacle, Jimco, Patton, Plantation Patterns and THRO. Through its leading research, innovation and product development capabilities, NBG Home offers trend-right products at affordable price points, and serves a wide variety of retail partners, including mass merchants, specialty stores, discount stores, home centers, warehouse clubs, and internet retailers.

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