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Create Experiences Your Customers Will Love With The Jacquard Product Demo Handbook

Hosting demonstrations and workshops is an excellent way to drive business to your store, and Jacquard kits provide an excellent curriculum for your event schedule.

Leading demos on Jacquard kits does not require any special skills or experience. With the
Jacquard Products Demo Handbook, any staff member can lead an impactful demo or workshop on Jacquard products. The Demo Handbook can be used as a primer for the preparation, set up, method, and techniques for in-store events that get customers engaged and excited about what you’re making. The handbook also has trivia and historical information about these kits and processes that make the project fun to talk about and keep your audience engaged while they learn.

This helpful resource offers step-by-step instructions & tips for presenting demos on some of Jacquard’s most popular products:


It may be an ancient dye, but Jacquard’s Indigo Kit remains perennially popular. It’s a timeless product that is beloved by experts and novices alike. It’s hard for customers not to get excited to discover they can refresh textiles with cool techniques and create one-of-a-kind clothing, linens, decorations and so much more.


Sure it looks complicated, but it doesn’t have to be, and it creates stunning results! Marbling can be done on multiple surfaces- just check out the baseball caps retailers marbled at Dealer Workshop 2019! With dynamic colors and loads of applications, the handbook breaks down how to get the best results out of demonstrations with the Marbling Kit, with accessible and interesting tips and trivia. Watch a Marbling Demo.

Body Art

Jagua and Henna are super fun temporary tattoo kits that appeal to a wide variety of customers. Jacquard Body Art Kits are easy to demonstrate and the demo handbook outlines some simple preparation, walks you through easy designs, gives tips for customers to get results they are happy with, and inspiration galore.

Alternative Screen-Printing Techniques

Everybody loves a cool t-shirt! Many customers are familiar with screen printing using traditional screen ink, but Jacquard offers a number of other types of products that can be printed through a silk screen. For instance deColourant and SolarFast can open up whole worlds of possibilities for screen printers. The demo handbook provides several different techniques with alternative products and shows how to make the best of the time, space, and participants for these events.

Pinata Alcohol Ink

Endlessly satisfying and offering something for everyone, alcohol ink activities are always a hit. The Piñata Alcohol Ink section of the handbook offers a variety of options for exciting demos and workshops, highlighting the variety of applications afforded by alcohol inks and how to leverage that versatility to draw in every sort of artist that comes into the store.

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