Connect With Loved Ones: April is National Letter-Writing Month

We think that National Letter-Writing Month is particularly relevant right now when we are all sheltering in place, some of us far from loved ones. Connecting with friends and family is so important, but virtual communications can become their own burden. A break from our screens is necessary, and writing a letter opens up an opportunity to feel present, take time and infuse a little creativity—not only into our daily rituals but into the lives of the people we choose to write to! In addition to telling a story or communicating a thought, letters can include doodles, drawings, fun calligraphy, ephemera, even seeds or other special items. Then there is the prolonged excitement of waiting for our favorite people to get the messages. 

MacPherson’s Graphic Designer Tali’s son opened Cassie’s card! (After the recommended 72 hour waiting period)

Account Manager Cassie Brehmer got to letter-writing within days of her city’s shelter-in-place order. So far, she’s sent a total of 30 cards, using a stockpile of “Happy Birthday” and “Congratulations on your Baby” cards from impulse purchases, and crossing out words to make them relevant.  “Happy Birthday Shelter in Place” “For your Birthday Quarantine, Lets Make Cake,” and “Hello Baby Corona” cards went to friends that would appreciate the quip, and cards from local artists with lighter sayings went to others. These letters have been sent to family members, friends who gave their addresses on a social media call out, old friends whose addresses she still has on hand, and co-workers! For little ones, she’s including small gifts like packets of easy to grow seeds (available at the essential grocery and hardware stores)  photos of her cats (because aww) and small drawings. Remember to use a damp towel rather than a mouth to seal the envelopes. 

Three Letter-Writing Kits Customers Will Love

So how can you support creatives in your community during National Letter-Writing Month? Create stationary bundles that people can order online! Here are three kit ideas:

  • Baby’s First Letter: So that even the littlest kiddos can participate, too! Stamps, crayons, stickers and construction paper. Send all that goodness to delighted relatives, teachers and school friends!

Sidenote: It’s Still National Unicorn Day This Week

As you may have noticed last month, we’ve already prepared social media assets for National Unicorn Day on April 9th. In light of Coronavirus and the impacts the outbreak is having on businesses across the country, merchandising unicorn-related items in your store as we suggested may not apply to you anymore. Here’s an alternative idea: why not invite customers to draw unicorns on their front walks with chalk or hide unicorns in their windows for neighbors to find on their daily walks? Get inspired by what other stores are doing with custom kits and delivery: consider putting together a unicorn bundle, complete with sidewalk chalk, modeling clay, shimmer slime, unicorn tchotchkes and window-friendly drawing utensils could be a great way to celebrate.

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