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Concrete Jungle Sparks Imagination: New Forstall Art Mural

Murals are a wonderful way to support local artists, draw attention to your store and jostle people out of their everyday routine. A drab concrete wall becomes a photo opportunity, an invitation to reflect, or a celebration of your town or city’s personality. Phillip Forstall, owner of Forstall Art Center in Birmingham, Alabama, recently installed a mural in collaboration with Shane B., a local muralist and tattoo artist. The jungle scene is vibrant and full of life. We wanted to learn more about how the mural came to be and its effect on the community and gave Phillip a call to learn more.

Who created this mural? Why this design?

The mural was designed by Shane, a local artist. He’s a longtime friend and customer. My wife Annette and child Andy asked him to create an interactive mural. They wanted a mural with a path so people could take fun photos. Annette and Andy created the design, so it was really an inhouse project. Shane did all the painting. Many of his friends stopped by with food and company.

What do you like best about it?

It’s hard to choose! I love that people interact with the mural and don’t realize that there’s a wild kitty lurking above them. I love that people stop all the time to get their picture taken. Finally, I love that we have some color brightening our space. All the blank walls downtown can get monotonous.

Have you gotten any feedback from the community / new or repeat customers?

Yes! They love it! They want more! People tag us on Instagram a lot. We can’t wait to commission more murals.

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