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Check Your Calendars: July is World Watercolor Month

July is around the corner, and with it comes World Watercolor Month! With more and more people at home trying out creative pursuits for the first time, watercolor has become an incredibly popular category for art supply stores across the country. July is a great opportunity to share demos and resources with your customers, elevate watercolor kits and favorite products and share the artwork of watercolorists on your social media platforms! Our industry has been celebrating this month for a while now, and we’ve compiled some great resources (including this brainstorm from 2019). Peruse these resources on Art Dog to promote watercolor products, celebrate watercolorists and try new demos!

Try These Demos & Share Resources with Customers

Promote Relevant Products

Spotlight & Follow Watercolor Artists

Special thanks to Victoria Bilsborough for sharing work on Unsplash; her imagery is used as the header image for this post!

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