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Check Your Calendars: February 20th is Love Your Pet Day

While Millennials have coined the term fur-baby, pets have been on-trend since domesticated animals became a thing. And of course, as Art Dog, we have a special place in our hearts for pet appreciation, especially the artsy kind! So how does Love Your Pet Day play into your business plan for February?

Pet portraits by MacPherson’s Hannah Reineck,
POSCA markers and FW Inks on wood sealed with resin.

Everyone Loves Pet Portraits!

Pet portraits are a wonderful way to celebrate and honor someone’s pet; a pet portrait is also a great way to get people drawing and painting. Host a pet portrait class and have participants post pictures of their portrait alongside the pet (if the pet is still with us), tagging your store on social media. Here are a few different ways to approach the pet portrait in terms of medium and process.

Traditional Portraiture

If you have access to an instructor and a community of students who are interested in more traditional methods, taking a realistic route is a great idea. You could even have a live model (if you have a shop dog or cat, a figure drawing session could be very fun!). Pastel is a great medium for drawing animals, as is colored pencil.

Out of the Ordinary

Surreal portrait of Account Manager Cassie Brehmer’s fur babies by Masha Fikhman.

While drawing or painting pets is a great opportunity to learn about animal anatomy, color-mixing and how to create realistic fur, the world of pet portraiture has gone beyond traditional portraits, and your customers may appreciate a funky twist! Trends include humourous hybrids (for instance, part pet, part famous human), fantastical adventures, objects that incorporate pet personality or owner’s obsessions, favorite pet puns and creative props. Many artists have discovered a lucrative side hustle in the pet portrait business; take a look at what is out there and inspire your customers to create something unique! 

Even better than “cat breading”, try homemade cutouts! Creative Manager Krystal Willis’s heartthrob, Valentino, with painted Bristol cutout prop.

Keep Brainstorming: Cardboard Cutouts, Collars & Pet Swag!

Not in love with the idea of a pet portrait class? You can also try a pet collar craft with parachute cord and some buckles, a lettering workshop that incorporates pet-related quotes, or try creating a character cutout for a fun pet photo shoot!

Please send us pictures of Love Your Pet Day creations and tag us on social media, @macphersonofficial! And don’t forget to use the Social Media Kit we’ve put together for Love Your Pet Day.

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