Check Your Calendars: August Is National Back-to-School Month

It is essential to carve out time for fall preparations: National Back-to-School Month is fast approaching! The nostalgic winding down of summer and slow creep of fall (or the rainy season, depending on where you are located) is something we all experience. Think about what this means for your staff and your customer-base. Clarify your target audience for this month: Are you catering to college students? High schoolers? Parents with elementary school aged children? Parents with various aged kiddos, some of whom will be home or in child care in need of creative outlets?

 Here are some simple ways to prepare for Back-to-School season:

  • Signage. During the slower times in mid-summer, ask your staff to create visuals for your shelves that will engage a younger audience. Visuals should speak to 17-18-year-olds who want to be treated like adults. What is important to buyers of this age? The “story.” They want to know how they will be perceived by buying/using a product. Find images that give you an idea of what particular products “say” about the people who use them by searching for relevant hashtags: #[brand name]. Take a look at some new concepts by Macy’s and Target for visual merchandising cues.
  • Samples. It’s time to contact your vendors that offer samples to create buzz around specific purchases. It feels great to walk away with something “free” when making a large purchase at a new store. That little tube of paint, eraser, pencil, or marker adds another element of kindness to the shopping experience.
  • Staff. If you have a “no vacation during BTS” rule, ensure your staff all have a complete weekend before the busy season gets rolling. Before BTS is a great time to remind them how much they are appreciated. Don’t get too caught up in the hustle and forget your most valuable asset: your team. If it’s in the budget, throw a party or BBQ and make sure they get their hands on some of the vendor samples they’ll be giving away so they know the ins and outs of the product! 

Stay tuned for more content regarding Back-to-School month and as always, get in touch with us at artdogblog (@) macphersonart.com with any questions or suggestions!

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