Check Your Calendar: National Tie-Dye Day

National Tie-Dye Day is on April 30th. A celebration of color, improvisation, individuality, expression and the fabric arts, tie-dye is so much more than rainbow spirals (though that can be fun, too). Tie-dye was originally popular in the 70s, when counterculture communities utilized funky fashion to push back against mainstream expectations.

Tie-dye can show up as starbursts, ombres, wild color combinations, expressive patterns, subtle pastels or a grungy acid wash. Encourage customers to revive a boring t-shirt, add splashes of color to home decor or customize personal accessories.

3 Ways To Celebrate

Incorporate this day into your displays, promotions, demonstrations or events in April:

  • All The Dyes – Consider demoing the various dyes you carry (on fabric, wigs, wood and more!), similar to a recent demo we saw with Alex Preston of Jacquard Products at NAMTA. If a demonstration isn’t in the cards, ask a staff member to try out the dyes and make intriguing examples out of surprising objects. This will show how the dyes work on various objects.
  • Shibori Decor – Exploring the traditional yet trendy practice of shibori with a demo DIYers will love: great for pillows, coasters, totes or a wall hanging. Check back next week for Cassie’s Shibori Demo!
  • Try-It Station – Host a kid-friendly BYOT (Bring Your Own T-Shirt) tie-dying event with tie-dying kits on display. Utilize dip-dyeing, ice-dyeing or spirals.

Your Monthly Digital Kit

You will be receiving a social media kit for National Tie-Dye Day in your inbox in the coming weeks! It has everything you need to promote a specific event from the customer engagement calendar:

  • A printable flyer to post throughout your store
  • Images ready to post on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter
  • Pre-written posts to accompany images
  • Suggested hashtags

We do this every month, and are constantly trying to improve. How do you use the Social Media Kits? How do you use the calendar? We’d love your feedback. Reach out to use at artdogblog@macphersonart.com or share your perspective in the comments.

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