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Check Your Calendar: National Creativity Day

National Creativity Day on May 30th is an opportunity for everyone to engage with the arts, even those who claim they don’t have a creative bone in their body.

Humans are imaginative by nature, and this day is the perfect excuse to celebrate whatever creativity means to your community while promoting specific products in your store.

Creative ideas start with an open mind and a healthy brainstorm. During brainstorming there are no bad ideas (at least for the first part, known as ideation)!

Brainstorm in progress…

  • Follow National Creativity Day on Facebook. They post fascinating articles about creativity all year, articles your customers might like to read (or pass on to their “non-creative” friends to convince them of the benefits of trying it out).
  • Consider a wacky event. Try an art supply version of Chopped (or, if your customers are a bit less cutthroat, The Great British Bake Off). Put together an unlikely combination of art supplies, provide enough education so that participants can use them properly and set a timer! Ask local artists to “judge” their creations: Most Inventive, Most Unlikely and Best in Show. (If you do this, please let the Art Dog team know. We want to know how you pulled it off, what worked and what didn’t.)
  • Try an interactive contest. During the month of May, display a chalkboard or other writing surface and invite customers to a) write down how they express themselves creatively, or b) which art supply sparks their creativity the most. If anyone mentions a product or technique, your team can start to arrange specific supplies beneath the board. At the end of the month on National Creativity Day, choose three participants at random. Post the “winners” on social media; offer prizes or feature their creative work in-store / on social media for a week in June.

What’s your creative style?

Fun links to share:

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