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Celebrate World Watercolor Month: Strathmore Tutorials

As the world continues to become more digital and immediate, the feel of a hands-on art experience with the slow and easy pace of watercolor becomes more and more appealing.

For World Watercolor Month, we are sharing our top watercolor video lessons created by professional watercolorists who have a wealth of knowledge on the subject. Share these videos in your stores and online to help customers learn this beautiful art form.

Watercolor Sketching & Journaling with Gay Kraeger

The tactile method of capturing your world through art in a journal is a low-tech, highly rewarding experience. In her friendly and conversational workshop, Gay will guide you through learning watercolor one step at a time. She starts by showing you the basics, then moves into quick sketches, page design, lettering and more watercolor techniques to give you all the tools you need to create special illustrations of your surroundings in the form of a versatile art journal.

The Mind of Watercolor with Steve Mitchell

Watercolor can be one of the simplest mediums to use, but it does seem to have a mind of its own at times, giving it the reputation of being fussy and unforgiving to work with. In this four part workshop Steve gets into the mind of watercolor and see what makes it tick. Success with watercolor depends greatly on discovering and anticipating how it reacts in real painting situations.

Realistic Watercolor Painting with Kelly Eddington

What do you love to paint the most? You’ll never know until you explore a wide variety of subject matter. This workshop presents a sampler of popular watercolor subjects: landscapes, still life, and portraits. Kelly will show you how watercolor’s unique properties can do the heavy lifting in each painting. Watch watercolor create a serene blue sky, a soft shadow defining a cheekbone, and reflected light on a shiny surface—all in seconds. Watercolor is challenging and can take decades to master, but this medium’s special quirks are so seductive you might find yourself under its spell for the rest of your life.

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