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Cavallini’s Poodle Collection

A “collection” evolves in many ways. Sometimes it is passed down from generation to generation, in my case like a grandparent’s stamp collection. Sometimes it is born of a magnetic pull towards something: an innate love of mechanical engineering or a fascination with marine life. Then there is a special kind of collection, the surprising, unlikely kind that is sparked by a strange gift and nurtured by a collective sense of humor. Cavallini’s assortment of poodle-related artifacts is a textbook example. And what better way to celebrate National Dog Day than to sniff around for some dog-related treats!

To be clear: poodles were not always a priority in the Parberry family. In fact, they were downright unpopular. “I believe our family did not like poodles because someone we knew had one and she was fussed over so much. The dogs name was Cheri and the owner would dress her and do all these crazy things. In our eyes it was strange…but not in my eyes today!”

Brad’s change of heart occurred in 1981 when his niece, who was six at the time, went with his mother to a women’s bazaar where they sold handmade items such as crocheted bottle covers and tissue paper covers. “There was someone there selling plastic beaded poodles and my niece said to my mom that she wanted to buy it for me. When I received it by mail, I told her it was so beautiful, in a bit of a sarcastic way, but she believed me…that’s when it all started.”

That initial poodle inspired years of poodle-related gifts from coworkers and relatives. While the stream of poodle paraphernalia ebbed about 15 years ago, the Cavallini team still gets the occasional gift to add to their collection.

Artists and crafters are notorious for collecting all kinds of things, from a curated poodle collection to mixed media textures. What is a prized collection you have added to over the years? We’d love to hear your story. Reach out at artdogblog (@)

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