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Cadmium-Free Artists’ Oil Colours from Winsor & Newton

Discover uncompromised quality with nine new Cadmium-Free Artists’ Oil Colours. Developed by chemists in partnership with artists, Winsor & Newton Cadmium-Free Artists’ Oil Colours are formulated to match the vibrancy, opacity, lightfastness and permanence of traditional cadmium colors–so artists no longer need to compromise when seeking an alternative.

With nine new highly saturated, bright, opaque colors, Winsor & Newton is continuing their cadmium-free innovation, opening up even more possibilities.

Discover the new Artists’ Oil Colour Cadmium-Free colors:

  • Lemon: A cool opaque yellow with excellent tinting properties and high saturation.
  • Yellow Pale: A very opaque light and bright yellow with excellent tinting properties.
  • Yellow: A strong opaque, vibrant yellow with high saturation.
  • Yellow Deep: A warm opaque yellow with an orange undertone.
  • Orange: An opaque orange with a red undertone.
  • Scarlet: A vivid, opaque bright red with high saturation.
  • Red: A strong vibrant opaque red with an orange undertone.
  • Red Deep: A rich opaque dark red with a slight violet undertone.
  • Green Pale: A vibrant opaque green with a strong cadmium yellow undertone.

Carefully formulated, highly pigmented color. These nine new colors have been developed by the Winsor & Newton laboratory and rigorously tested to ensure durable, lightfast and permanent results.

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