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Big Things In California: Share MONTANA’s Story, Inspire Your Customers

MacPherson’s Brand Manager Tucker Russell worked with MONTANA to gather an all-star team of American graffiti writers and muralists to pay homage to MONTANAand the creative community they have built. Eleven artists from all around the country traveled to Los Angeles to paint a 4,800 square ft. MONTANA logo off of the 405 freeway. The artists involved painted their own interpretation of a letter from the MONTANA CANS logo. The team consisted of TWIGS, GRAB, KAER, WANE, NYCHOS, TRISTAN EATON, AMUSE, OTHER, GIANTAWE 2 and PERSUE. Over the course of a single weekend they transformed the wall from bland to grand.

With the Californian sun bringing the rays, the artists brought the heat. A barrage of Montana GOLD and Montana BLACK cans were emptied on one united concept. MONTANA is more than a big spray paint brand. To many people, these words are a symbol of inspiration, performance, creativity, innovation, forward-thinking and of course German quality. All these are elements which are complementary in the recipe of great graffiti. Nobody knows this better than the crew at @Montanacans_usa #montanacans_la 

Promote MONTANA’s story and inspire your customers with this collaborative project! Share this short video on your Instagram or share the longer video on your website, Facebook, Twitter or blog.

Recap video of @Montanacans wall in Carson, California by @chopemdownfilms 

Artist involved: @Waneonecod @grabster @Nychos @tristanEaton @Amuse.126 @Persue1 @Ogmikegiant @kae_67 @benjanik @Tgeism @other0ne

Photography by Donny Doquisa

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